Chevelle back half kit

Choose Straight-Rail or Perimeter-X frame styles with a full compliment of suspensions and additional components for performance specific configurations. Chassisworks adds to our growing selection of chassis accessories a top-quality, billet-aluminum vent canister system for gas tanks, rear ends and transmissions. A selection of mounting bracket and hose kit options are available for greater installation flexibility.

Engineered and manufactured as a true high-performance independent rear suspension, the Chassisworks gStreet IRS is an exceptionally capable system intended for the most demanding high-horsepower, road handling applications. Custom-fit version also available for other vehicles.

A skillfully engineered system with multiple geometry and setting adjustments for tuning and refinement, Chassisworks' Torque Arm g-Link Suspension directly replaces the OEM leaf springs and shocks for significant performance increases in cornering ability, throttle response, and braking stability.

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The Chassisworks billet-aluminum spindles and steering arms are direct-replacement components for popular GM A- F- and X-body muscle cars from to Two-inch drop and stock-height spindles along with steering arms incorporate geometry and design improvements, resulting in a product far superior to the factory steel spindles. Chassisworks factory-welded FAB9 housings offer superior strength from fabricated center-section panels, internal tube gussets, optional folded back braces, and consistent robotic spray-arc welded seams.

All version available in Mild Steel or Largest Selection Available Anywhere! The following California proposition 65 warning applies to all products sold by Chassisworks.

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, visit www. Converting your stock A-arm front suspension to coil-over shocks is now a simple bolt-on procedure. Our exclusive modular shock-tower-adapter system and spherical-stem assembly gives you a choice of stock or lowered ride heights and can be used for a broad variety of vehicles and performance applications.

The g-Bar and g-Link, cantedbar suspension systems directly replace the OEM leaf springs and shocks for remarkably improved handling and performance. The bar has been raised with the release of our extremely lightweight lb.

64-72 Chevelle Ladder Bar Frame Kit

All specifications and prices listed throughout the website and linked documents are subject to change. Chris Alston's Chassisworks Brands. Total Control Products. KP Components. System Guides.Bushings and Grease for C4 Corvettes.

chevelle back half kit

Lockout and Shims for C5 and C6 Corvette. Front and Rear Suspension Wilwood. Videos on Tech, Product review, and How to's. Global West provides A-body coilover kits, rear frame supports, sway bars, rear end bearing kits rear lower tubular control arms, A-body rear upper adjustable tubular control arms, rear coil springs, and rear spring spacers. You must enable Javascript to see the advanced sorting and paging features of this store. Store by Solid Cactus.

chevelle back half kit

Front Control Arms, Bushings and Shafts. Rear Control Arms and Frame Supports. Replacement Parts. Springs, Sway Bars and Coilover Kits. Coilover shock and spring kits for C2 and C3 Corvettes.

Control Arms, Sway Bars, Bushings.

chevelle back half kit

Panhard Rod, Frame Supports. Brakes and Components. Control Arms, Sway Bar, Bushings. Shocks, Springs, Coilover. Strut Rod, Panhard Rod.

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Control Arms, Bushings, Shafts. Shocks, Springs, Coilovers. Control arms, Bushings, Shafts. Shocks, Springs, Sway Bar, Coilover. Brake Components. Shocks, Springs, Spring Spacers, Coilover. Sway Bar, Tie Rod Sleeves. Performance Brake. Bushings, Body Mount Kits.

Wilwood Components. Replacement Components. Performace Brakes. Front and Rear Suspension.

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Performance Brakes.Crossmembers have one end of tube notched already. Both 4-Link and Ladder bar kits have chassis brackets TIG welded on with a fixture to ensure perfect alignment. All you have to do is slide the frame rail and bracket over the front crossmember to your desired width, and weld into place!

The strength and ease of these all kits allow you to build a fast back-half car at home in your garage! Rating Required Select Rating 1 star worst 2 stars 3 stars average 4 stars 5 stars best. Review Subject Required. Comments Required. Current Stock:. Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Choose Options. The top and bottom 4-link bars were designed to be parallel to each other Add to Cart. This item ships On Sale.

Calculate the 4-Link setup in any car, with any brackets in less than 15 minutes with this easy to use Quarter-Max Universal 4-Link Plotter! Simply take 8 easy measurements with a tape measure and Customers Also Viewed.

This is a stronger upgrade that The QM Universal 4-Link Rails is the perfect way to narrow the rear of your chassis to accept extra-wide racing tires. Our frame rails are of universal design, making them adaptable to any car fromThe ' Chevelle has always been a popular car for Art Morrison Enterprises customers. Unfortunately, the test of time and torque hasn't been friendly on the platform for the Chevelle. The chassis is prone to cracking and twisting thanks to its layout of sharp angle bends and lack of any lateral bracing.

Seeing the need to create a user-friendly bolt-on chassis, Art Morrison Enterprises spent hundreds of hours reverse engineering and designing a new frame. The result was a product that would be stronger than the original chassis, offer a performance ride and handling, and eliminate the need for serious floor modifications.

Extra body mounts tie into the under floor body ribs. This helps to unitize the body to the chassis for reduced deflection and increased stiffness. The low-profile design also prevents excessive amounts of chassis to be seen "hanging" from under the car.

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Rear rails are narrowed to allow up to wide tires and attach to both the rear suspension crossmember and mid-rails for high degree of stiffness.

High-strength, low-friction ball joints used on the AME tubular lower control arms. Anti-roll bar tuned for proper roll stiffness while splined anti-roll bars are available as an option for track day builds.

Center crossmember designed to enhance torsional strength and precisely fits the contours of the floor pan for maximum ground clearance. Larger control arm bushings for reduced noise, vibration, and harshness. Other features of the control arms include greasable fittings and simplified adjustment of camber and caster. Tall C6 Corvette uprights for superior suspension geometry and a wide range of available brake kit options.

The rearend housing is made in numerous widths to accommodate your tire and wheel package. A back brace is available as an option. The triangulated 4-bar rear suspension provides an extremely stable roll center and predictable handling while leaving plenty of room for exhaust. Three-link rear suspension will be available as an option for track day enthusiasts. This Chevy Malibu has a killer stance and great power from a Chevrolet LS3 that is masked to look like an old-school small-block.

A Chevelle that has foregone the oh-so-common Pro Touring look and LS power for some old-school cool that kicks ass at the dragstrip and is a blast to drive around town on the streets.

Feature on four-door Chevrolet Chevelle Bob Holland is an original owner whose grille proclaims Bow Tie allegiance. John Boggio drove this car in high school, sold it, bought it back 12 years later, and turned it into a heart-stopping work of art. Check out this Chevrolet Chevelle! This Chevelle SS might not look the part, but it packs a blown, horsepower cubic-inch L92 engine. Driving the shiny new L79 Chevrolet Chevelle was almost as fun as cow tipping.

But Gordon quickly learned the ladies were shocked his car had no radio. For this Chevelle we installed a Classic Dash with Auto Meter gauges to provide accuracy, readability, plus add competition styling. Super Chevy. How To. Chassis Suspension.

View Full Gallery. Sources Art Morrison Enterprises. View Full Image.Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time and this could be one of those instances. Someone needs to call on this thing and get it as the number of great parts under this newly painted Back-Half El Camino are worth WAY more than the asking price.

It really does have a lot of the hard part done and would be a riot to build into a street bruiser.

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We dig it. It also has a full compliment of VFN fiberglass, is newly painted, and full of other good parts too. Start with a perfect,rust free,classic 67 El Camino and take off from there with the highest quality drag racing chassis components and you have the perfect platform to build your dream machine.

All this is brand new and has never made a pass. New paint and windsheild. Shaved and detailed firewall. Frame modified in front for deep sump oil pan. All the hard work has bern done.

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Car is sold with lien sale documents. Im open to offers or maybe part trade. Damn if I lived closer Id be all over this! I might have considered trading my all ORG ford 2dr or my 70 mach 1.

4-Link Back-Half Kit

Im sure it will sell quick. Jan 14, Chad Reynolds Online FindSpotlight 5 Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time and this could be one of those instances. Share This 0.

Chad Reynolds. That be why it so cheap.The suspension location points are in good places and the basic double A-arm front suspension is a sound design, as is the rear four-link. More good news, though; almost everything you need to convert your Chevelle into a modern-handling machine can be done through bolt-on components.

The original frame under — Chevelles is not a bad foundation for building a solid-performing car. Most of the modifications in this chapter focus on greatly increasing the handling capability of the vehicle, which also improves control, making the car much more enjoyable to drive on the street.

The frame design is pretty good as muscle car production frames go. The biggest drawback is that the center sections of the frame rails are C-channels. The lack of fully-boxed frame sections here introduces flex. The kit results in a frame that is four times as stiff as the original. Boxing the frame center sections should be considered mandatory if you have aspirations of turning your car into a performance Chevelle.

You also want to inspect the frame carefully. Even regular road use can cause cracks in the frames near suspension attachment points, including the A-arm mounts in the front and the upper shock mounts at the rear of the car.

Another option to overcoming open-channel frame rails and frame damage is to upgrade to a completely new chassis. Schwartz Performance makes a G-machine chassis to fit — and — Chevelles.

The front suspension uses Schwartz-fabricated spindles and strut-rod-style lower control arms and upper control arms.

Teflon-lined spherical rod ends are used in the front suspension for much less bind than polyurethane bushings. The steering is a Ford-style Fox platform rack-and-pinion system. Brakes include Wilwood Engineering, Inc. Baer brake packages are also available. In addition to upgrading the frame, you need to inspect the original frame for damage and fatigue.

Creating our own Tube Chassis back half : Datsun 280zx build

Check the frame near all suspension mounts for cracks. You can also order the chassis with front and rear brakes and a rear axle for a complete chassis. If you keep an original frame, the front double A-arm suspension architecture is a very good system. There are a number of areas you can improve for better control and handling. The biggest drawback of the original Chevelle suspension is that the camber curve goes positive on the outboard tire in a corner.

Global West Suspension was one of the first companies to identify a cure for this, creating a redesigned tubular upper control arm for these cars in the early s.Clear All. Products Per Page: 8 12 16 20 40 Columns: 1 2 3 4 6. Add to Cart Compare. Choose Options Compare. Our tubular dropped crossmember has a 3" drop center and is 54" wide. Brackets available separately. This kit includes qty-4 pieces of 11 gauge mild steel plate cut on a water jet to box in the inside rear frame of your Chevy or GMC truck.

Boxing in your rear frame will make your frame much stronger and will look like box tubing when the job Fabricating a rear frame on a Pro Street or Drag Race car is easier and looks more professional with a 2" x 3" dropped crossmember. The sturdy 2" x 3". Crossmembers have one end of tube The QM Universal 4-Link Rails is the perfect way to narrow the rear of your chassis to accept extra-wide racing tires.

Our frame rails are of universal design, making them adaptable to any car from Pro Street to Drag Race. The specially engineered The perfect way to narrow the rear of your chassis to accept extra-wide racing tires. The specially engineered profile allows adequate clearance for This item ships truck freight only.

By purchasing this item online you are Complete fixture TIG welded to your custom width. Complete fixture TIG welded to your custom By purchasing

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